Priyanka Golia

Priyanka Golia

Ph.D. Candidate Research Statement

I am a final year joint Ph.D. candidate with Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India and National University of Singapore. My research advisers are Kuldeep S. Meel and Subhajit Roy.

My research interests lie at the intersection of formal methods and artificial intelligence. In particular, my dissertation work has focused on designing scalable automated synthesis and testing techniques. I am the lead designer of the state-of-the-art functional synthesis engine, Manthan, which combines advances in machine learning, constrained sampling, and automated reasoning to achieve significant scalability. Check out my Research Statement for more details.

My dissertation work has been awarded Best Paper Nomination at ICCAD-21 and Best Paper Candidate at DATE-23. I have co-presented a tutorial on Automated Synthesis: Towards the Holy Grail of AI at AAAI-22 and IJCAI-22. I am co-authoring an upcoming book (on invitation from NOW publishers) on functional synthesis. I was named one of the EECS Rising Stars 2022.

Selected recorded talks:
1. Manthan: A Data-Driven Apporach for Boolean Functional Synthesis [video @ SAT-SMT workshop-2020].
2. Program Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Formula Modulo Theory [video @ Formal Method Update-2021].


Our paper on Synthesis with Explicit Dependencies has been accepted to DATE 2023. Moreover, it has also received the best paper award nomination.
We present an approach that combines advances in machine learning with automated reasoning for efficiently synthesizing functions with explicit dependencies.
Joint work with: Subhajit Roy and Kuldeep S. Meel
Excited to attend a fully packed FLoC-22. We will be presenting:
Happy to present first in-person tutorial :) We will be talking about automated synthesis at IJCAI-22.
I am attending Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata. I will be talking about our work on program synthesis as dependency quantified formulas. Also, looking forward to visit Pierre Marquis and Daniel Le Berre as a part of Highlights Extended Stay Program.

Conference Papers

Synthesis with Explicit Dependencies.

Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference, DATE (received Best Paper Award Nomination), 2023.


A Scalable Shannon Entropy Estimator.

34th International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification,CAV, 2022.

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On Quantitative Testing of Samplers.

International Conference on Constraint Programming, CP, 2022.

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Engineering an Efficient Boolean Functional Synthesis Engine.

40th International Conference On Computer Aided Design,ICCAD (received Best Paper Award Nomination), 2021.

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Designing Samplers is Easy: The Boon of Testers.

Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design, FMCAD, 2021.

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Program Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Formula Modulo Theory.

30th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence,IJCAI, 2021.

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Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis.

32nd International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification, CAV, 2020.

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Manthan: A Data-Driven Approach for Boolean Function Synthesis


On Quantitative Testing of Samplers


Program Synthesis as Dependency Quantified Formula Modulo Theory


A Scalable Shannon Entropy Estimator


Designing Samplers is Easy: The Boon of Testers